An Urgent Need to Support Our Favorite Small Businesses

As we watch our community of fellow small-business owners close up their shops, restaurants, and other establishments, we’re seeing a look in their eyes that we’ve never seen before. A look that is nothing short of terror about what the coming days, weeks, and months might hold for them, their businesses, and their employees.
Our city, nation and world is in a crisis. In this moment, going out to restaurants, buying a new pair of shoes, or attending a concert is not only impossible, it’s the last thing on all of our minds. But the problem is this: many of your favorite small businesses – the ones you patronize and support on a daily basis, won’t be able to survive this complete stoppage for long. If we all put on the brakes, many of these establishments simply won’t be there to re-open their doors when the time comes.
The optimistic view is that if we all isolate, if we all stay home and enjoy a few extra hours on Netflix for the next few weeks, we’ll be able to go back to life as usual and put this behind us. But, that’s not the case for many of the businesses you depend on, and that make your city a diverse, exciting, eclectic place to live.
So what can we all do? 
Support the small businesses you love in any way you can. Order take-out from your favorite restaurant. Buy a gift certificate from your hair dresser. Order some records from your favorite band. Shop online from your favorite store. These things might seem like they can wait, they might even seem crass at a time like this. But in fact, they are incredibly important acts of support that we should all be considering NOW. Because seriously, a few weeks from now might be too late.
Over these coming weeks, we’ll be doing our part to support our favorite local businesses, while doing everything in our power to protect the jobs of our own team of three employees. And, we’ll ask that you consider supporting Brooklyn Tailors in kind. We realize it's not the first thing on your mind, and that many of you will be worried about your own jobs and livelihoods. So, we won't ask for something with nothing in return.

Starting Monday March 23rd, 2020, for the next month, we’ll be announcing a new special offer for that week as a way to mutually support each other. It might be a discount on our suits (there will still be weddings and job interviews after this is over), it might be a bonus when you order a gift certificate. The point is, let's help each other in this time of need so we can all look forward to better days ahead.
Thanks for all of your support, and thanks for listening,
Daniel, Brenna and the Brooklyn Tailors Family

March 23, 2020 by Blog Editing
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