Best of Fall at Brooklyn Tailors - Staff Picks

Now that all our Fall product has rolled in, our staff have picked out their favorite seasonal items from the Brooklyn Tailors collection and the other brands that we carry. To show just how excited we are, we’re offering 15% off all our staff picks this weekend. Use code 15STAFFPICK at checkout.


Nicolas Jacquet, Custom Specialist and Designer
My favorite piece this season is the mid-gray flannel suit. Flannels are definitely a must-have fabric for a winter suit in NYC, it will keep you warm, have a great drape and feel very comfy. Mid gray is a great color for this season, it is bright enough to bring a bit of light and dark enough for a winter wardrobe. I decided to wear it with our military green sport shirt to bring some contrast but stay in neutral tones. On top of that, I'm wearing the Loro Piana Storm System Mod coat from Brooklyn Tailors Japan, awesome raincoat with all technical aspects of a real outdoor garment with a dressy design. In addition to that, I picked The Gentleman Tube in olive from Fox Umbrella and a navy beanie from Batoner to complete the look. All these pieces together create an elegant and "décontracté" look to enjoy Fall weather in the city.

Fox Umbrella – GT1 Gentleman Tube Umbrella in Olive  $155

Brooklyn Tailors – BKT50 Jacket in Gray Flannel  $830

Brooklyn Tailors – BKT50 Trouser in Gray Flannel $265

Batoner – Ribbed Wool Hat in Navy  $75

Brooklyn Tailors – BKT10 Sport Shirt in Military Green  $195

Brooklyn Tailors Japan – Loro Piana Storm System Mod Coat in Navy  $715

Daniel Lewis, Co-owner and Creative Director
Wearing suits as much as I do, I'm always looking for something a bit different in terms of color, pattern or texture. I love the way this suit feels so unique but still understated and discreet. An oversized houndstooth wool fabric like the Brooklyn Tailors Japan tie would feel too bold as a suit for my taste - but I love it as a necktie, paired with a solid color shirt and tie. I don't typically wear a ton of color, so I was as surprised as anybody at how much I loved this aubergine shaggy sweater from Fillippo De Laurentiis. There's something really interesting going on - a deep purple mixed with an earthy green, creating a truly complex color that draws you in and makes you want to look closer. Ettinger makes some of the world's finest leather goods. The materials, craftsmanship, and taste level are exquisite. My favorite piece we're currently stocking from them is the Croco Billfold Wallet. Goldwin is not very well known in America, but in Japan, they're well regarded as one of the very best makers of high-performance skiwear. They operate a major R&D lab in Japan, ensuring that each piece they make is only of the highest quality, but features the latest and most innovative construction and textiles available. Their designs are modern, stylish and perfectly understated.

Brooklyn Tailors – BKT35 Unstructured Jacket in Military Green $650
Brooklyn Tailors – BKT50 Trouser in Military Green  $325

Goldwin – Down Jacket in Coyote  $370

Filippo De Laurentiis – Brushed Wool Sweater in Aubergine/Green  $215

Ettinger – Croco Billfold Wallet with 6 C/C in Mahogany/Black  $250

Brooklyn Tailors Japan -  Houndstooth Wool Tie  $115


Rob Troise, Custom Specialist and Store Manager

My favorite BKT50 suit this season is the Birdseye in Navy. This particular fabric is my favorite because it's mid-weight (not too heavy, not too light) which lends itself to flawless draping over the body, nice and clean. It's a deeper navy but with some textural interest which is the nature of the birdseye weave. Another favorite of mine, shoes by Cheaney, go beautifully with the cut of our BKT50 suit. Cheaney offers comfort and quality built to last a lifetime! It wasn't easy to select one favorite casual shirt. I chose BKT10 sport shirt in Red Western Plaid. The BKT10 shirts are all about the slim fit and especially this time of year, the luxurious brushed cottons and flannels, sweet! Finally, the FARMACIA SS ANNUNZIATA - 450 COLOGNE hits just the right notes, masculine, sophisticated, but not overpowering, Smooth!

Brooklyn Tailors – Large Herringbone Tweed Overcoat in Brown - $995 on sale for $745

Farmacia SS Annunziata – 450 Cologne  $150 

Brooklyn Tailors – BKT10 Sport Shirt in Red Western Plaid  $195

Brooklyn Tailors – BKT50 Jacket in Navy Birdseye Wool  $835

Brooklyn Tailors - BKT50 Trouser in Navy Birdseye Wool  $275

MA.AL.BI – Plaid Wool/Cashmere Blend Scarf in Blue  $95

Joseph Cheaney – Wye II Derby in Black Calf  $495

Jovan Syofyan, Buyer

The items I chose are extremely well-made, versatile, and well-priced. You will get tons of use all fall and winter out of each of these items and they can even transition into spring. The Fujito parka is a great technical piece from Japan but is still affordable. It will keep you dry and can be worn over The Batoner sweater is a hefty weight and designed to last forever. The classic shape and color mean it goes with everything. The Brooklyn Tailors Japan suiting is casual but sturdy and still looks put together. The faded black shirt from Brooklyn Tailors is really versatile and easy to wear dressed up or down.   

Batoner – Signature Rib Crew Neck Sweater in Navy  $295

Fujito – Mountain Parka in Burgundy  $455

Brooklyn Tailors Japan – Fox Flannel Chalk Stripe Trousers in Navy  $245

Brooklyn Tailors Japan – Fox Flannel Chalk Stripe Jacket in Navy  $465

Brooklyn Tailors – BKT14 Wool/Cotton Uniform Shirt in Faded Black  $225


Brenna Lewis, Co-owner and Business Director

As a woman working at a menswear store, I am always looking for products that are unisex that I can incorporate into my wardrobe. I just picked up the Etudes coat and have gotten a bunch of compliments on it. Cheaney mainly makes men’s shoes, but I sneak in a pair of the women’s shoes every time we order. We carry a similar pair for men. The Wallpaper guides are the best travel guides I have used. I was thrilled to bring them to the store. Batoner makes a great knit and that olive color is gorgeous. I fell in love with Shoyeido incense traveling in Japan. The White River scent is my favorite.

Etudes – Archeology Overcoat in Dark Green $745

(similar) Joseph Cheaney – Godfrey Chelsea Boots in Plough Suede Leather $540

Batoner – Ribbed Wool Hat in Olive  $75

Phaidon - Wallpaper City Guides  $11.95

Shoyeido – White River Incense 20 Sticks  $20

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