Brand Profile: Camoshita

Both as designers of our own collection, and retailers of a curated list of other brands, we're constantly combing the globe for for new collections, designers, and makers that inspire us. There is one tailoring-focused collection in particular that has repeatedly caught our eye year after year - Camoshita. We're very excited to be one of the few retailers in the United States to be carrying the brand, as we feel that Brooklyn Tailors and Camoshita share core values and style principles: a commitment to craft and quality, and a goal of reinterpreting traditional, timeless menswear with a modern, forward-thinking outlook and vision.

 Yasuto Kamoshita, co-founder and creative director of Japanese brand United Arrows is regarded as one of the most influential creative directors in Japanese fashion. His admiration for American and Italian style revolutionized Japanese menswear and perfected an Ivy League style that encompassed the detailing and silhouettes popular on the Harvard, Princeton, and Yale campuses in the 1960s.

After launching his own namesake brand under the United Arrows umbrella, Yasuto set to better represent the IVY spirit by veering away from the traditional preppy styles associated with bright colors and patterns, and instead focusing on the post-Vietnam War aesthetic; featuring earthy tones and textured fabrics while simultaneously incorporating Italian craftsmanship and tailoring. Although Kamoshita, the style icon, is inspired by a combination of other international cultures, there is no denying that Camoshita, the brand, conveys a consistent and distinct Japanese point of view – cool, relaxed, and a perfect balance between luxury and utility.

Hallmarks of his collections typically include pleated but trim trousers, softly structured jackets, and sportswear pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways, effortlessly straddling a line between dressed-up and dressed-down, tailored clothing and sportswear, and refined luxury with rugged utility. Subdued grays and blues are lifted by bold flashes of pink, and yellow. Luxurious suiting fabrics are made easygoing and relaxed with soft tailoring techniques, elasticated waistbands, and effortless silhouettes.                  
Honored as one of GQ's "Coolest designers on the planet" and revered as the most intuitive designer by fashion-industry insiders, Yasuto Kamoshita's spring 2019 collection is the most anticipated and well-respected yet. We're excited to offer and make accessible a select range of their suits, shirts, outerwear, and knits for customers who otherwise wouldn't find Camoshita outside of Japan. 

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