WEDDING ATTIRE-THE BROOKLYN TAILORS WAY:  Our Tailoring Specialist Rob's Five Favorite Looks For Your Big Walk Down the Aisle

WEDDING ATTIRE-THE BROOKLYN TAILORS WAY: Our Tailoring Specialist Rob's Five Favorite Looks For Your Big Walk Down the Aisle

It’s always an honor of ours to dress a groom for one of the most meaningful and important days of his life. As far as the sartorial choices one makes in their lives, what to wear on one’s wedding day is perhaps the most important, and we’re flattered to have so many guys choosing Brooklyn Tailors to outfit them.

We work with a lot of grooms, and no two are alike. Our job is not only to make them a great suit, to make a suit that complements him and the occasion perfectly. Our process always starts with getting to know the customer as an individual. What is his personality? What is his personal style? From there we need to know about the wedding: Is it indoors or outside? Is the wedding in the afternoon or after dark? Is it in a Manhattan townhouse, the Brooklyn courthouse, barefoot on Maui, or in a field upstate? city, the country, the beach? What time of year? Are there specific colors or patterns he wants to incorporate? What is the level of formality? All of these questions steer us in different directions and help us find each groom the perfect ensemble.

That said, here are our five favorite looks we’ve put together recently that we think are perfect for walking down the aisle:




When deciding on a groom’s wedding attire, the most basic question is whether to go in the eveningwear direction, or to lean less formal with a suit. A lot of people think that eveningwear is the mandatory choice for their wedding, which is absolutely untrue. If you’re getting married on a beach in Mexico, a tuxedo is likely going to feel out of place and just too formal. But, if you’re going for a very dressed up, classically grand affair, there’s nothing more elegant than a tuxedo or dinner jacket ensemble. For a Saturday night wedding in the big city, maybe at the Wythe Hotel, our Black Super 100s Tuxedo with a narrow peak lapel will make any groom channel the debonair sophistication of an old Hollywood movie star. These days, men don’t have too many excuses to pull out all the stops, so what better occasion than your wedding to go all out?

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If formal eveningwear speaks to you, and you really want to make a statement, consider a dinner jacket instead of a tuxedo. While a tuxedo consists of a jacket and pant in matching fabric (usually black, sometimes dark blue), a dinner jacket ensemble is typically a black formal trouser, paired with a jacket in a contrasting fabric, for an added punch, and a bit more of a fun, celebratory vibe. The quintessential dinner jacket is ivory (think: Gatsby). Our more modern riff on that idea is our Black and White Puppy Tooth model. The fabric is woven with a mini houndstooth pattern in black and ivory. Consider this look if you’re getting married in a French Chateau, an uptown mansion, or another equally regal locale.

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For the groom who is looking for a level of formality but wants to feel a little more understated and relaxed, a tailored suit and tie is a great way to go. Our most popular suit for walking down the aisle is our BKT50 suit in Bright Navy. This suit is a touch more vibrant and saturated in color compared to a classic navy blue, which makes it read less “business” and more festive and celebratory, without being too intense or bold. It works as well for a city wedding as it does on a beach, with different accessories of course. If you’re getting married indoors in a more urban setting, say at the Green Building in Gowanus, pair it with a silver-gray tie and black shoes and belt. If your wedding is a bit more casual, say on the beach in Santa Barbara on a summer afternoon, pair it with honey brown shoes and belt to give the outfit a more laid-back vibe.

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Most of our customers get married in the spring or summer. If the warmer months (and a sunny, outdoor location) are in your plans, you might consider a suit in very light gray. We especially love this color if you have dark colored hair and/or a darker complexion since it really pops. Our Light Gray Tropical Wool Suit is a perfect example. Mid-gray can feel like business attire; charcoal can come off as a bit serious, but, light gray, (with the right accessories) feels fun and formal at the same time. One nice thing about gray is you can think of it as a blank slate. Pair it with a white shirt, black tie, and black shoes, and it’s got a very hard-edged 1960s sensibility (think: Don Draper out on the town). Pair it with a more colorful tie and dark brown shoes, and it feels perfect for a garden soirée in New Orleans, or a Brooklyn rooftop.

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If you’re planning a relaxed wedding – maybe it’s taking place in a barn upstate or just some of your closest friends around a dinner table in your favorite restaurant – you might consider one of our unstructured suits, like this cool (and very lightweight) Tropical Wool Unstructured Suit in Golden Brown. Our unstructured jacket is a similar fit to our BKT50 tailored jackets, but has a lighter construction, softer shoulder, and more casual detailing such as patch pockets and a top-stitched lapel, giving the jacket that easygoing, dressed-down vibe, while still feeling sharp and put together. The warm earthy golden-brown color feels right at home surrounded by nature, maybe a farmhouse wedding in the Hudson Valley. Pair it with a knitted tie, a white linen pocket square, and dark brown shoes for a look that’s sophisticated and tailored without feeling overly stuffy or formal.

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Here's a collection of photos from some Brooklyn Tailors customers!

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