PRORASO - After Shave Balm


Brand: Proraso

Stop thinking of shaving as a chore and start making it a pleasure.

Description: The After Shave Balm is a new addition to the Proraso repertoire, focusing on those with sensitive skin. Its alcohol-free, non-greasy formula provides immediate relief after shaving. It combines the hydrating properties of a balm with the calming benefits of a cream, and green tea and oat extract add additional soothing benefits.

Directions: Apply by gently massaging into the shaved area using small upward circular motions.  

Size: 3.4 fl oz

Origin: Made in Italy

About Proraso: Proraso was founded by Ludovico Martelli in 1908 in Florence, Italy. Over the years, they have stuck to what they know, remaining faithful to their original values: the use of natural ingredients, excellence in research and respect for tradition. We would add their ability to keep their quality high and their prices low to that list. To this day, you’ll see this brand’s well-known packaging in barber shop windows throughout Italy, and it will look just as good in your medicine cabinet.