BROOKLYN TAILORS JAPAN - Twill Solid Silk Tie in Purple

$120.00 $60.00

Brand: Sale

BROOKLYN TAILORS - JAPAN neckties straddle the line between traditional and progressive – combining classic patterns with slimmer shapes and interesting details.

Color: Purple

Fabric: 100% Silk

Origin: Made in Japan

Size: 7 cm wide, 145 cm long

About BROOKLYN TAILORS JAPAN: Brooklyn Tailors Japan is a new collection from Brooklyn Tailors. Each piece is designed by Brooklyn Tailors and meticulously crafted in Japan from the best Italian, English and Japanese fabrics and trims. The line takes the essence of the Brooklyn Tailors aesthetic and tweaks it slightly toward a more business casual focus. It is currently sold at some of the best stores in Japan – Beams, Barneys Japan, Journal Standard, and United Arrows – and now it is available in America exclusively at Brooklyn Tailors, in-store and online.