We offer three different tiers of customization for our garments—off-the-rack, special order, and bespoke. These options allow customers to dial in on the both the fit and stylistic details they are looking for in a suit or shirt. The process of creating custom clothing is fundamentally about listening and responding to the particular needs of each person, so it begins with a conversation about what the customer is hoping to achieve. We offer a great degree of flexibility at every stage in the process, a wide range of available materials, and garments that are meticulously developed from the ground up for the individual customer. Here are some additional details about those services:

OFF-THE-RACK: We offer a range of off-the-rack garments, which may be purchased online, in-person, or at one of our stockists. We keep a limited inventory on hand. If an item is in stock, it can be ready for immediate shipment. If an item is not in stock, we can often produce it upon ordering, usually at no additional charge. Our off-the-rack garments are not customized in any way, but alterations can be done at an additional cost. This is a great option for those who fit well into our off-the-rack sizing, like the stylistic details of our standard shirts and suits, need items quickly or are looking for the most affordable option.

SPECIAL ORDER (aka Made to Measure): For customers who need certain modifications from the ready-to-wear models, but do not require the fully bespoke service, we offer a special order option. Working from one's closest off-the-rack size, we can make certain straightforward adjustments to the standard model to better suit the customer. All necessary adjustments are discussed and noted at the initial fitting, and the pre-existing pattern is adjusted to create a customer's custom garment from a fabric of their choosing. After the initial fitting, the garment is put into production for completion, with no midpoint fitting. This option is for those who like the style of our off-the-rack suits, but just need a few tweaks to the pattern to improve the fit. The turnaround is typically around eight weeks for special order suits and shirts.

BESPOKE: The bespoke process offers one complete flexibility in terms of the fit, style, and detailing of their garment, and is centered around a highly in-depth development of the garment's fundamental fit in response to the individual's desired silhouette, as well as their particular posture, build, and stance. The bespoke suit process typically takes fourteen weeks and is completed in a series of three fittings. The process begins with a discussion of the desired garment, after which the customer's body measurements are taken, and fabric, trim and detailing options are reviewed. We then create a completely new pattern for that customer. At a second fitting, the test garment is tried on and any final adjustments are made before tailoring the final garment. Bespoke is the best option for those who do not fit well into our off-the-rack styles, who want something stylistically different from what we offer off-the-rack, or who want to be very involved in the process of building a garment from the ground up. Bespoke shirts are typically a series of three fittings and take around fourteen weeks to complete. For a first order for bespoke shirts, three or more must be ordered at once. Smaller subsequent orders are allowed. 

  • The above turn around times are representative of in-stock fabrics from our house line. We have additional fabric choices available, which will require additional shipping times from their respective mills to our factory.


Special Order Bespoke
Vest | $335 + tax Vest | 435 + tax
Trouser | $390 + tax Trouser | $560 + tax
Unstructured Jacket | $850 + tax Unstructured Jacket | $1,100 + tax
Tailored Jacket | $1,250 + tax Tailored Jacket | $1,435 + tax
2-Piece Suit | $1,595 + tax 2-Piece Suit | $1,995 + tax
3-Piece Suit | $1,930 + tax 3-Piece Suit | $2,295 + tax


    Special Order Bespoke
    Tailored Overcoat | $1,305 + tax Tailored Overcoat | $1,630 + tax


      Special Order
      $235 $295
      • The above prices are inclusive of fabrics from our house line. We have additional fabric choices available, which will incur an additional charge.

      •  Multiple-item discounts:  discounts are available when ordering multiple items at one time, of a similar style, from your same custom pattern.  Please contact us for further details.


      APPOINTMENTS: If you are interested in starting the custom process with us, please contact us to make an appointment for a fitting.The best way to contact us for an appointment is to email at this address: custom@brooklyn-tailors.com.  You can also call us at 347-799-1646.

      LONG-DISTANCE: Above, we describe our custom process in the context of an in-person visit to our Brooklyn studio, which is the ideal way of working. But, if you are not able to visit in-person, we would be happy to work on your custom garments from afar. The process would be a bit different, and there are certain limitations, but we do work this way with many customers around the world. Please contact us to discuss further.

      RUSH ORDERS: Rush orders are usually possible, should you require your custom order to be completed in a shorter time frame than our standard turnaround. Please contact us with your requirements, and we can advise on a case by case basis. Additional fees may apply.

      CUSTOM JEANS & DENIM JACKETS BY GLENN'S DENIM: We have partnered with New York-based denim expert Glenn Liburd, to offer custom-made jeans and denim jackets at Brooklyn Tailors. Click here for more information. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, contact us at custom@brooklyn-tailors.com