Brand: Square Trade Goods Co.

If you’re a true adult, you care about how your home smells not just for guests, but also yourself. If you want to fake true adult status, adding one of these woodsy-scented and good-looking candles to your bedroom will get you there quickly for not a lot of dough.


  • Scent: warm, smoky, and sweet. Wood smoke mixed with pine and cedar woods topped off with the subtle sweetness of amber
  • 55 hour burn time
  • Hand poured in Richmond, VA
  • All ingredients made in the USA
  • 8oz. of all-natural US-grown soy wax

About Square Trade Goods Co.: 
Square Trade Goods is a classic example of how simplicity and focus can render wonderful results. From sourcing the materials, to blending the scents, to pouring the wax and hand-stamping the labels, everything about this line of candles and incense is done by hand in-house in Richmond, Virginia.