ALICE MADE THIS - Lucas Cufflinks in Brass

$140.00 $75.00

Brand: Alice Made This

Cufflinks by Alice Made This are just what we look for in the perfect pair -- a simple, classic design in a timeless finish. These guys will never go out of style.

Description: Inspired by water ripples, the Lucas cufflinks have a subtle concentric circle detailing and a slightly concave surface. Created using a precision turned metal process normally used to manufacture Aerospace parts, the Lucas cufflinks are machined for a clean satin finish that creates a graphic reflective effect. These cufflinks are simple in design, but the bright steel finish adds just enough pop to a classic French cuff shirt.

Color: polished brass

Origin: Made in England

Dimensions: D16 x L19 mm

About Alice Made This: There's not a whole lot of excitement or innovation in the world of cufflinks these days. That's why we were so happy to hear about husband and wife team, Alice and Ed Walsh, and their decidedly forward-thinking, refreshingly modern line of cufflinks, dress studs and men's accessories. Alice Made This combines clean, architectural design with industrial and aerospace manufacturing techniques to create simple yet striking metal accessories, all made in England. The line was born in 2011 in London after Alice and Ed embarked on a fruitless search for the perfect cufflinks for their wedding. Their love modern industrial manufacturing processes and materials led them to their small-batch accessories line, limiting each run to only 1000 pieces, with the edition number written on each box. While so many brands are looking backwards for traditional methods or materials, these guys impressed us by pushing the boundaries forward, invigorating an aging industry with new energy.