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Harley of Scotland

British Heritage Natural Wool Sweater - Balwen

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Harley of Scotland is the best knitwear brand you've never heard of.  That's because they've mainly focused on manufacturing premium quality sweaters for other big designer names since they were founded in 1929. If you've ever seen a beautifully crafted, made-in-Scotland sweater walking down the runway, or on the shelves of a luxury boutique, chances are it was produced by Harley of Scotland. We decided to go straight to the source and stock Harley's house line of timeless sweaters, which offers all of the luxury as-good-as-it-gets quality, at a much lower price point than if it had a designer label attached to it.  

The British Heritage Natural Wool Sweater is the sweater you would bring home if you vacationed in the Shetland Islands. It is heavy and rustic and undyed, retaining instead the exact color of the sheep the wool came from (Balwen Welsh Mountain Sheep to be exact). A more classic sweater doesn't exist - this will never go out of style. It's sturdy enough that you might just pass it down to your grandkids. 

Details and Care:

  • Model # M3480/7
  • Color: Balwen: A warm, smoky gray. The wool is undyed. This is the natural color of the sheep. 
  • Classic Fit. Relaxed in the body and sleeve. See product measurements. 
  • Crewneck sweater
  • Ribbed Collar and cuffs
  • 100% Shetland wool
  • Made in Scotland


  • Dry clean only


Harley of Scotland was established in 1929 by Peter Harley to provide Fair Isle sweaters to local fishermen. While their wool still comes from the same hearty Scottish sheep that climb seaside cliffs and eat seaweed, they have updated their knitting practices to include a “seamless” technique, where each garment is knitted as one unit, not sewn together in pieces, making it sleeker and more durable.