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BROOKLYN TAILORS - Deluxe Wood Suit Hanger

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Our deluxe suit hanger is the ideal way to hang and store your suit, blazer, or overcoat. While most hangers are flat and thin, this hanger is rounded to match the contour of the shoulder and has extra depth, to provide support well-distributed support to the garment while it hangs.  These qualities help prevent sagging and distortion of the shoulder over time, and ensure that your jacket retains its ideal shape when not in use.


  • The hanger is available in three sizes, to ensure an optimal fit for your garment.
  • Crafted from solid birch.
  • Antique brass hanger.
  • Pant hanger bar with rubber grip teeth.
  • Painted glossy black.
  • Engraved with "BROOKLYN TAILORS" logo on the face.