BROOKLYN TAILORS - Dress Belt in Deep Brown with Nickel


Brand: Perm Collection Brooklyn Tailors

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Brooklyn Tailors Leather Dress Belt 

Over the years at our shop, we've had countless conversations among ourselves, and with customers, about how strangely hard it is to find the perfect belt to wear with our suits or trousers.  While there's no shortage of belts out there, why was it so hard to find one that reflected the same sharp, minimal, and timeless qualities we strive for in our clothing collection - at a good quality, and a reasonable price.  

We finally decided to create our own collection of simple, well-crafted, versatile belts. The buckle is just right - not too bulky or bold, with a semi-polished finish that looks refined and dressy, without being blindingly over-polished.  And, at its core, the beautiful Italian calfskin has just the right supple, matte texture and hard-wearing durability that a piece of fine leather goods should have.  We've partnered with a small Portuguese leather goods maker, just outside of Porto, to put it all together by hand, the old-fashioned (and right) way. 


  • ORIGIN: Italian leather - hand-made in Portugal
  • BUCKLE:  Nickel
  • COLOR:  Deep reddish-brown.  The leather has a subtle texture, with a semi-matte finish.