BROOKLYN TAILORS x SADDLER'S - Gange Dress Belt in Cacao


Brand: Brooklyn Tailors

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Saddler's is the best belt maker in the world that you've never heard of. Our Creative Director Daniel recently spotted one of their belts while visiting a small shop in Japan and knew he had to track down whoever made it. That search led him to a tiny family-run workshop in Parma, Italy. Saddler's belts was established in the 1960's and has been producing fine leather belts with the utmost level of skill and hand craftsmanship ever since. Despite this incredible expertise, heritage, and quality, Saddler's is virtually unheard of outside of Italy (they have a solid following in Japan) and is sold nowhere else in the USA other than Brooklyn Tailors. 

Daniel partnered with their design team to collaborate on this exclusive range of belts for Brooklyn Tailors, and we're extremely proud of the result.

This model is our take on a classic dress belt, in a 30 mm width, a refined but rugged buckle in the perfect finish (and the buckles are interchangeable!) and the most elegant and discreet detailing and finishes, this is the only dress belt you'll ever want to own.


  • Exclusive collaboration with Saddler's, only available at Brooklyn Tailors
  • Smooth Italian Calfskin Leather in dark brown
  • 30 mm width
  • Superfine edge stitching.
  • Solid brass buckle made in Italy with an "old silver" finish that will age beautifully over time.
  • Fully lined in natural leather.
  • "Saddler's X Brooklyn Tailors" stamp on the back
  • NOTE: Sizing is based on the distance of the buckle to the center hole (not the length of the belt). So, a size 85 will measure 85 cm from the buckle to the middle hole.
  • Comes with a Saddler's dust bag
  • Made in Fidenza, Italy exclusively for Brooklyn Tailors
  • Buckle is interchangeable with other 30 mm buckles. Please see the following link: "Additional Buckles"