FINAL SALE: BUDDY - Travel Portable Tote in Black

$215.00 $75.00

Brand: BUDDY

The Buddy motto is “make happy” and that about sums up why we love this brand so much. They bring a little sunshine to the often stuffy world of menswear, and they make some killer Japanese sneakers, bags, and accessories.

Description: This black nylon bag makes a great carry-on. The tough nylon can take a beating and serves as a water-resistant barrier, while the multiple pockets keep all of your essentials organized. This bag comes with a shoulder strap and a handle, so you can switch it up as you see fit. 

Color: Black

Dimensions: 38cm high, 40cm wide, 15cm deep

Origin: Made in Japan

About Buddy: Buddy is an Osaka-based brand of sneakers, bags, and accessories started in 2012 by the perpetually cheerful Tetsuya Iizuka. Whether it’s a leather-trimmed nylon backpack or a low-profile suede sneaker, his eye for detail and use of Japan’s finest materials and manufacturers make Buddy stand out from the crowd.