CARTHUSIA - Numero Uno Cologne - 50 ml


Brand: Carthusia

When you want to smell nice, we’ve got you covered.

Description: Numero Uno is a refreshingly modern musky fragrance. Base notes include Haitian vetiver, Spanish Borracina tree, white musk, Ethiopian myrrh and Spanish citrus. Eucalyptus, orange and bergamot cut through the woodiness to add a crisp, refreshing note, while violet, thyme and ylang-ylang round out the middle of this masculine scent.

Size: 50 ml

Origin: Made in Italy

About Carthusia: Based in Capri, Italy, Carthusia has been around in some form since the local monks awaiting the arrival of the Queen were forced to keep their flowers on water when the queen’s arrival was delayed due to weather in 1380. Rather than turning swampy, the water took on the scent of the flowers, creating a fantastic cologne that the monks proceeded to develop and sell. They still make their products using the same techniques out of what is considered “the smallest fragrance laboratory in the world” in Capri. We love them for their sense of history and they make a damn good cologne.