CODIS MAYA - Stone Bow Cufflinks in White Rhodium & Onyx


Brand: Codis Maya

Description: These cufflinks are made from lathe-turned brass and polished by hand to result in a fine finish and then electroplated in white rhodium. They are created by a family-run mechanical engineering firm who specialize in precision-turned pieces, creating items from fine jewelry to sailing boat parts. Rhodium is part of the noble family of metals and similar to platinum. It will prevent your product from tarnishing and render it more durable. 

Origin: Made in England. The onyx is sourced in Madagascar in line with the ethical standards of the World Jewelry Confederation.

Dimensions: 13 mm diameter

About Codis Maya: For over 25 years, Codis Maya has been creating jewelry for fine menswear shops and developing exclusive collections for luxury fashion houses. In an age of mass production, Codis Maya proudly supports the historic traditions of jewelry making by hand. Each piece is individually crafted throughout workshops in England using techniques, often unique to British manufacturing, that involve specialist craftspeople from start to finish.