FINAL SALE: FUJITO - Mountain Parka in Navy/Blue


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While a suit jacket alone may get you through most of the year, eventually you will need a parka when the weather gets less hospitable. These Fujito Mountain Parkas, made in Japan, will help you survive the harsh winters.

Details and Care:

  • 100% nylon
  • Made in Japan

About Fujito: Fujito was founded in 2002 in Fukuoka, Japan by designer Tsuyoshi “Go” Fujtio. With the majority of the collection’s production taking place in Kyushu, the southernmost Island in Japan, Fujito creates minimalist garments that simultaneously feel vintage and brand new, and that are both functional and comfortable. Go, an avid skateboarder and nature lover, sums up Fujito’s laid back design philosophy best when he says, “We design things for everyday purposes. As it gets tougher to live in today’s world, I want our clothes to feel comfortable and relaxing.”