FINAL SALE - JOSEPH CHEANEY - "Deal" Derby in Mahogany


Brand: Joseph Cheaney

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This country style shoe from Joseph Cheaney is a round toe classic derby with skin stitched seam tab facings in grain mahogany calf leather. This model is hand burnished to great the shoe's rich colors and tonal variation. This ensures no two pairs of shoes are exactly the same in their character. Also features a double weight Goodyear welted Dainite studded sole with storm welt for additional water resistance. 

ABOUT JOSEPH CHEANEY SHOES: Joseph Cheaney & Sons was founded in 1896 in Northhamptonshire, England and to this day the entire manufacturing process is carried out in the very same workroom where the company began. There are over 160 separate steps in the making of a single pair of Cheaney shoes, a process which takes 8 weeks to complete. One defining characteristic of a Cheaney shoe is their strict use of Goodyear welt construction. This type of construction is laborious but time-tested as the most durable method of shoe-making.

Description: The "Deal" - Bench-Made 5 eyelet round toe classic derby

Color: Hand burnished mahogany in grain calf leather.

Sole: Goodyear welted Dainite studded rubber sole and heel. The "Dainite Studded Sole" is manufactured in England by the Dainite company and has been complied by Cheaney and England's finest shoemakers since its introduction in 1894. The Dainite brand is esteemed for its production of the highest quality of weatherproof soles for fine shoes. 

Last: 175

Lining: Full Leather

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