MA.AL.BI - Wool Plaid Scarf in Navy with Red/Grey Stripe


Brand: MA.AL.BI

If you’re looking for a luxury scarf at an affordable price, look no further. We looked at dozens of scarf companies and found this selection from MA.AL.BI to be some of the very best available.


Color: Navy plaid with red/grey stripe

Fabric: 100% pure virgin wool

Size: 30 cm x 180 cm

Origin: Made in Italy

Care: Dry clean only

About MA.AL.BI: MA.AL.BI or Manifatture Alto Biellese, is a small Italian family-owned scarf and accessories company in operation since 1947. Based in Biella, a small town where much of the world’s finest wool fabrics are made (we buy most our suiting fabrics here), MA.AL.BI has the upper hand on the best materials available. While they mainly make private label products from some of the biggest fashion lines in Europe and America, we went straight to the source to offer their superior level of quality at an affordable price.