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Mountain Ocean

Skin Trip Coconut Moisturizer

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Description:  Skin Trip is Mountain Ocean's best known and most beloved product. It's a lightweight moisturizer that sinks in immediately and is non-greasy, making it perfect for after a day in the sun or a long shower. And we have yet to find a product that smells more like a day at the beach than this. The coconut smells fresh (not sweet) and is not overpowering.

Directions: Apply as needed.

Size: 8 fl. oz.

Origin: Made in Boulder, CO

About Mountain Ocean: 
In 1971, Karen Benjamin developed her line of personal care products to combat the effects of the sun, wind, and dry climate that she and her friends were experiencing while skiing and snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains. It's gone on to be a cult favorite of outdoor enthusiasts worldwide, loved for it's high-quality all-natural ingredients, incredible coconut scent, and accessible price point.