Paraboot - Avignon Lace Up Apron Split-Toe in Black


Brand: Paraboot

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When sneakers won’t cut it and oxfords seem a step too far, we offer these perfectly constructed apron split-toes to bridge the gap.



Description: The Avignon style is an apron split-toe shoe with contrast stitching and five eyelets. Their waxed finish protect them from the elements and provide a little color variation.



Color: Black



Sole: Norwegian storm welt with traditional Latex sole



Origin: Made in France



Lining: Fully leather lined



About Parabooot: Remy Richard established Paraboot in 1927 when he brought together “para”, a port in Amazonia from which he was exporting the Latex for his newly patented soles, and “boot”, a new style of footwear he’d seen in America. Paraboot remains a paragon of French footwear to this day, making sturdy, comfortable and elegant shoes by hand as they have for the better part of a century.