Scott & Charters - Waffle Knit Merino Sweater in Oak Brown


Brand: Scott & Charters

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When we decided to open our new store, one of our goals was to bring our customers the best quality products at affordable prices. One way we’ve accomplished that is to bring in manufacturer bands – factories who create private label products for well-known brands but are much less known for their own name. Scottish knitwear company, Scott & Charters, is one such company. They create some of the most beautiful sweaters around, and because we cut out the middleman, they are also super affordable.

Description: This waffle-knit sweater is as soft as they come, in a trim but relaxed fit.

Color: Oak Brown

Fabric: 100% merino wool

Origin: Made in Hawick, Scotland

About Scott & Charters: You may never have heard the name Scott & Charters before, but that doesn’t mean you’ve never seen their products. Established in 1955 in Hawick, Scotland, Scott & Charters is known for producing in-house labels for some of the biggest and most prestigious brands around. Their commitment to quality and precision makes them the go-to for handmade knitwear.