BROOKLYN TAILORS - Formal Bowtie in Black Textured Wool - Pre-Tied

$95.00 $65.00

Brand: Brooklyn Tailors


Our bowtie features a narrow squared end, for a slim overall profile and a modern, yet classic feel.  We've designed it to pair perfectly with our slim-cut tuxedo or dinner jacket.

We offer this bow tie in two versions:  self-tie (you tie it yourself) or pre-tied (the bow is already permanently tied).  Please select your preference from the dropdown menu.  

Color: Black, with a matte finish

Cloth: 100% wool woven in Italy. This fabric is woven with a dobby technique, and has a subtle geometric texture on the surface of the fabric.  

Blade Size: 1 3/4" (narrow, but not too skinny)

Neck Size: Adjustable neck. Accomodates neck sizes 13 3/4" to 18 1/2" 

Make: handmade in the USA 

Care: Dry Clean Only