THE NERDYS - Elbowpad Crew Sweatshirt


Brand: The Nerdys

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There are few pieces more versatile in your casual wardrobe than a classic cotton gym sweatshirt, but if you want one that will be a bit different from the rest, look no further. The Nerdys has elevated this sweatshirt with contrast suede square elbow patches, a heavy cotton with subtle texture, and a sturdy cuff that won't lose it's shape. This sweatshirt would be just as at home with your favorite beat up denim or your nicest navy blazer.

Fabric: 100% cotton - heavier weight

Origin: Made in Japan

Care: Machine wash cold with like colors. Lay flat to dry.

About The Nerdys: The Nerdys, based in Tokyo, has perfected the Japanese take on American prep. It’s a little stiff, a little, well nerdy, but also very tongue and cheek and forward-thinking at the same time. Their clothes are impeccably and thoughtfully made, down to smallest detail like the classic paisley lining and delightfully hilarious logos. The Nerdys is the kind of brand you’d typically have to fly to Tokyo to score, but we’re happy to be offering it here in our shop.