BRAND PROFILE: Glenn's Denim


Daniel Lewis - Co-Founder & Creative Director of Brooklyn Tailors talks about the origin of Glenn's Denim:

Image of Glenn wearing a chambray shirt, jeans and a hat smiling in his workshop.

Glenn's Denim is a new collection very dear to our hearts here at Brooklyn Tailors. One evening back in 2012, veteran tailor-slash-denim expert Glenn Liburd walked into the Brooklyn Tailors shop on Grand Street and introduced himself to me - having read about our company in a magazine. Our collection had caught his attention because of our frequent incorporation of denim, and other indigo-based / workwear fabrics in our tailored pieces.

"Hi, my name is Glenn, and I make jeans." I remember was his opening line as he extended his hand.

We instantly hit it off, talking for a long while about clothes, craftsmanship, tailoring, denim, and all the things right and wrong in today's menswear world.

A friendship was born out of that friendly visit. But on his way out the door, Glenn did float one interesting idea related to business. "If you ever wanted to add bespoke jeans to your custom clothing offering here, lets talk."

Back then, the time wasn't right. We were in a broom closet of a shop, with barely enough room to fit our small collection of suits and shirts. So, the thought of adding an entire new category of clothing was out of the question.

Soon afterwards, Glenn took a dream job as lead tailor for Levi's "Lot 1" Program, where he would be cutting and sewing their top-of-the-line bespoke Levi's 501s, out of their Tribeca store. We kept in touch with each other and became fast friends.

I think all along, Glenn and I knew we'd end up creating something together one day, in one way or another. The only question was when.

Fast forward a few years. While Glenn was turning out limited-edition bespoke Levi's in Tribeca, we were opening a new-and-improved, much larger store across the street from our original location. This led to us being able to greatly expand the scope of our collection. We began stocking other brands and other product categories including denim, accessories, leather goods, and grooming.

Not long after we opened, I got a call from Glenn. He had just made his 501st pair of jeans for Levi's, which felt like a major benchmark for him. "Where else can I go from here?" He said to me. 

A lot had changed for both of us in those years since our first meeting. We both felt the creative itch, and knew it was time to create something together.

That was 2017. For over 2 years, we tinkered with patterns, details, and endless samples, working to develop what we felt were the perfect pair of jeans, not to mention a couple of denim jackets, and shirts. 

Finally, for Spring 2020, we introduced our very first collection under the name "Glenn's Denim."

Image of Glenn walking down a street wearing jeans, a white t-shirt, and sneakers.
Close-up of a cuffed jean hem and a sneaker.

We couldn't be more proud of the result of this labor of love, or more excited to debut it at the Brooklyn Tailors shop this fall 2019.

We look forward to telling you more about this very special collaboration and very special product. Come pay us a visit in store to check it out for yourself.

Image of Glenn wearing cuffed jeans, a denim jacket, a bucket hat, and sunglasses. His arms are crossed.
Close-up image of Glenn wearing cuffed jeans, brown dress shoes, and an orange western shirt tucked in with a brown leather belt.

Meanwhile, some additional details:


Image of a colorful Glenn's Denim poster made to advertise the brand.

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