Brooklyn Tailors was founded in 2007 by husband and wife, Daniel and Brenna Lewis, when they began offering custom fittings out of their small Clinton Hill apartment. Word spread quickly beyond their initial customer base of friends and locals, and Brooklyn Tailors soon found itself an enthusiastic following around the country.

In August 2011, Brooklyn Tailors moved into its first storefront location at 358 Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In early 2012, Brooklyn Tailors presented its first comprehensive men’s collection, comprised of pieces ranging from tailored formal wear to casual sportswear. The collection is now carried in a number of retailers in the United States and abroad, including Barneys.

GQ Magazine named Brooklyn Tailors “Best New Menswear Designers of the Year” in 2014, and they launched a capsule collection with the GAP that October, which quickly sold out.

The popularity of Brooklyn Tailors in Japan allowed the brand to create a special made-in-Japan line sold only in the Japanese market and the Brooklyn Tailors store. This collection, called Brooklyn Tailors - Japan, focuses on casual but office-ready pieces, including unstructured travel suits and Japanese oxfords. The collection launched in 2015.

In August 2016, Brooklyn Tailors opened its new flagship store at 327 Grand St. in Williamsburg, just up the block from the original store. The new expanded shop and headquarters allows Brooklyn Tailors to showcase its full collection and introduce new products. Additionally, with the new expanded retail location, Brooklyn Tailors now also carries a curated selection of other brands, including knitwear, t-shirts, shoes, ties, accessories, apothecary goods, as well as a selection of suiting and shirts from other brands that the Brooklyn Tailors team loves. 


Daniel and Brenna grew up in San Diego, California, and attended the University of California Santa Barbara, where Daniel earned a degree in fine art and Brenna in sociology. They were married in 2010, but have been together since 1998.

The initial inspiration behind Brooklyn Tailors happened as Daniel was finishing up college and preparing to enter the working world in New York City. He and his friends were unable to find the kind of suit they were looking for: where the right level of quality at an accessible price intersected with the sort of style and fit that they wanted. Soon thereafter Daniel began working on his own designs based on these ideas while working as a menswear designer for other companies by day.

After a couple of years of working out early designs and forming a word-of-mouth following for his custom made garments, Daniel was joined by Brenna, who left her career in the editorial world behind to help officially launch Brooklyn Tailors and reach out to a wider audience.

The Brooklyn Tailors collection is built around the designers’ core belief that good design begins with the best materials and the best construction practices. Their love for clothing starts with an excitement for authentic, luxurious and unique raw materials, sourced from the very best mills around the world.

With each collection, the goal is to create pieces that are forward-thinking and modern, but also rooted in the traditions of classic menswear. Brooklyn Tailors garments are identifiable by sharp tailoring, a lean, flattering fit, and clean, unobtrusive detailing. For Daniel and Brenna, the design process is about finding the place where fashion and utility can intersect—creating fun, exciting, unique and fashionable clothes that can also be functional for a modern man’s everyday life.