Earlier this year, Perry came in along with his fiance Adri, to get measured up for a custom suit to wear at his upcoming wedding. For starters, we asked for some details about their overall vision for the big day, so we could have a better understanding of what they were going for when it came time to design the perfect suit for this most important of days.

The more they told us about their plans, the more we got excited. With the newly restored TWA  terminal at JFK as their backdrop, and their clearly sharp taste and style at the helm, we knew this was going to be something great.

Well, the editors at Vogue Magazine agreed that this was a truly special nuptials, and recently ran a story on the event. 

Here's a few of the amazing photos (by Brooklyn photographer Loreto Caceres). And, be sure to check out the full article at Vogue.com



When it came time to design Perry's custom ensemble, we knew the goal was to create something that would feel just as appropriate in 2019 as it could in 1969, when the TWA Terminal was in its booming heyday, as a hallmark symbol of the golden age of commercial air travel. This terminal was, after all, a memory of an era when getting on a plane was a sophisticated, even glamorous affair, and a sharp gray suit, white shirt, and narrow necktie was the norm for a gentleman passenger.

We wouldn't have to veer to far from the Brooklyn Tailors house style to achieve the look Perry was going for. Perry came in with a very clear, specific vision for the suit he wanted. And once we showed Perry our designs and aesthetic, it was immediately clear that the narrow cut, natural shoulders, and tapered legs of our suits fit the bill perfectly. So, it was a matter of adapting that style and aesthetic perfectly to Perry's body, and pairing with with just the right cloth and final trimmings. As with any great custom suit, it was all in the small, nuanced details.

When it came time to pick the cloth, Perry and Adri were certain of the color - a dark gray. Neutral, timeless, discreet. A perfect compliment to the vibrant hues of the TWA interior and the bold neutrals of Adri's stunning dress.

But gray is not just gray, and we focused in on the subtle differences between our many fabric choices in our collection. 

We narrowed it down to a particular fabric bunch from Drago - one of our favorite fabric suppliers based in Biella, Italy. Perry loved the drape and texture of their Super 130s "Vantage" cloth. The luxurious hand, crisp, dry finish, and year-round weight was exactly right. And after debating between a few shades of gray, in a twill weave, we settled on the final choice. Dark, but not too dark. Just right.



A couple of months later, when they came in to try on the finished product, we were nearly there. With a couple of final tweaks, the suit looked fantastic, and they were able to check one thing off the very long wedding planning list!

We anxiously awaited the photos and as you can see, Perry and Adri definitely put together a truly amazing evening for themselves, their friends and family.

Congratulations from the Brooklyn Tailors team!!!


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