Stephen & Alyssa's Wedding - Montana - September 2019

New Yorkers Stephen & Alyssa recently brought their friends and family out to Montana, for a wedding amongst wide open spaces. 

We made a bespoke suit for Stephen, and it was a particularly fun one to work on. Stephen was looking to create a suit that juxtaposed a few different elements that you don't necessarily find together. He wanted a silhouette that was perfectly fitted, yes not at all too slim, snug or structured. He was inspired by the relaxed "soft tailoring" more commonly found on the streets of Tokyo. But, he still wanted it to feel sharp, with clean lines and refined tailoring. 

We paired this softer, unstructured make with the last fabric you'd expect: a classic wool pinstripe. Stephen and I both agreed: "Its like what a wall street banker would have been wearing in the 1970s!" We meant that in the best possible way. The juxtaposition of this very old-school, traditional, conservative cloth with the modern, softly tailored, Japanese-inspired cut of the suit created something fresh, unique and exciting. As you can see, he looked timeless and tailored walking down the aisle in Montana. But, this unique suit is going to look just as great being worn with a t-shirt and sneakers back in Brooklyn.