Brooklyn Tailors clothing is sized by a number system (01, 02, 03, etc).  Use the below chart to see how our sizing system converts to other commonly used sizing scales. Scroll down further on this page for additional sizing information to help you select the best size.



BROOKLYN TAILORS 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
US / UK JACKET SIZING 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48
EU / ITALY JACKET SIZING 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58



The below chart provides measurements taken from our garments. You can compare them with items you already own, to help choose your ideal size.  

SIZE 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
SHOULDER 16.5" 17" 17.5" 18" 18.5" 19" 19.5" 20"
CHEST 18.75" 19.75" 20.75" 21.75" 22.75" 23.75" 25" 26.25"
WAIST 16" 17" 18" 19" 20" 21" 22.25" 23.5"
SLEEVE LENGTH 23" 23.25" 23.5" 24" 24.75" 25" 25.5" 25.75"
JACKET LENGTH 27" 27.5" 27.75" 28" 28.5" 29" 29.5" 29.75"


  • Garment measurements are in inches.
  • Instructions for taking measurements are provided below.  When measuring at home, please follow these instructions as closely as possible to ensure you are measuring in a similar way:
    • SHOULDER: The shoulder is measured slightly to the back, below the back of the neck and above the shoulder blades. With the jacket on a hanger, with the front of the jacket facing away from you, place tape measure at the left shoulder seam (where the sleeve is attached to the jacket body) approximately 1 inch behind the top shoulder seam (the seam running along the top of the shoulder) and run the tape across to the right shoulder seam.
    • CHEST: The chest is measured just under the armholes.  Often referred to as a "pit to pit" measurement.  With the jacket laying flat on a table, and the buttons closed, smooth the fabric to remove slack.  Tug on it gently before measuring to ensure it is as smooth as possible. Place the tape measure directly under the armhole (where the underside of the sleeve joins the jacket body) and measure straight across to the other side.  
    • WAIST: The waist is the narrowest part of the torso, below the chest and above the hips.  With the jacket laying flat on a table and the buttons closed, smooth the fabric to remove slack.  Place the tape 1 inch above the top button and measure straight across.
    • SLEEVE LENGTH: With the jacket on a hanger, place the tape at the top of the sleeve (where it joins the jacket body) 1 inch behind the top shoulder seam (same as when you measured the shoulder).  Run the tape down the sleeve to the hem.
    • JACKET LENGTH: With the jacket on a hanger, and you facing the rear of the jacket, place the tape at the center / back of the jacket, where the collar edge is (not the top of the collar where it folds over, but the edge of it, where it overlaps the back panel of the jacket).  Run the tape straight down the center back seam to the back hem.  
  • The above measurements apply to the following Brooklyn Tailors styles:
    • BKT50 Tailored Jacket
    • BKT50 Tuxedo Jacket
    • BKT50 Dinner Jacket
    • BKT35 Unstructured Jacket
  • While the above-mentioned styles have similar overall measurements and fit, each have different construction, stylistic details, and attributes that will affect the way the garment drapes and shapes the body.  Check each individual product listing for additional details specific to that item.



As with most tailored clothing, our suits are constructed in a way that allows them to be altered by your local tailor to fine-tune the fit to your needs. While a wide array of alterations can be performed on our jackets, below is a list of the most common alterations, along with a rough approximation of how much the garment can be taken in or let out. The below list should only be considered a rough guide, as specifics are up to the discretion of your tailor.

  • JACKET BODY:  The body / torso of the jacket can be let out or taken in to allow more or less room around the chest, waist, stomach and hips.  It can be let out nearly one size larger, taken in one size smaller.
  • SLEEVE LENGTH:  Unless otherwise noted in the specific product listing, our jackets come without buttonholes on the sleeves.  This is to allow for the sleeve length to be more easily altered by your tailor if needed.  After altering sleeve length, if you desire, your tailor can also add functional buttonholes on the sleeves. However this is not required and is completely up to your choosing. Sleeves can be lengthened up to approximately 0.75 inches and can be reduced up to 4 inches.  Note that reducing the sleeves more than 1 inch may require re-construction of the sleeve vent, which is at the discretion of your tailor.
  • If you have questions about any other alterations, please contact us via email with your questions and we will be happy to consult and advise.  We recommend finding a reputable tailor near you to assist with alterations.