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  • Full length flat shot of Cableami Loose Light Chino Baseball Cap - Lemon
  • Interior shot of two colors of Cableami Loose Light Chino Baseball Caps showing leather adjuster, labels, and tag
  • On-body shot of Cableami Loose Light Chino Baseball Cap showing fit
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Loose Light Chino Baseball Cap - Lemon

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We are constantly on the hunt for brands that focus on one thing and do it better than anyone else. That level of dedication and craftsmanship is hard to find, but Japanese hat specialist Câbleami is a prime example. Their hats are beautiful, functional, and incredibly well made.

Details and Care:

  • Shell: 100% Cotton
  • Lining: 100% Cotton 
  • Leather adjuster in back
  • Bill length: 7cm
  • Made in Japan
  • Color: Lemon Yellow
  • Hand wash. Lay flat to dry.


  • This hat is labeled "XL" size. We consider it a "one size fits most" item and it is only available in this one size. Fits medium, large, and x-large head sizes.
  • 60 cm circumference
  • Hat has an adjustable leather strap at the back, enabling the hat size to be adjusted smaller if the largest position is too large. 

    About Câbleami: Câbleami is a small company based out of Kobe, Japan focusing solely on knit hats. They launched in 2008, melding traditional manufacturing with modern technology. The brand name comes from the Aran Cable knitting technique they use often in their designs. The word "ami" has two meanings -- in Japanese, it means "knit" and, in French, it means "friend". The name reflects Câbleami's philosophy to create hats that will be cherished as if they were friends by interweaving various individual elements as it is done in cable patterns.